Puppy Enquiries

We may be expecting a litter of puppies in Fremont, California around the third week of August, 2020. If there are puppies, they would be available to new homes starting around the third or fourth week of October, 2020. If interested, please contact us via email:


Please take time to provide the following information. Your answers help us match puppies with suitable homes.

> Why are you interested in Irish terriers?
> Do you have a male / female preference?
> Do you have any experience with terrier breeds?
> Do you currently have any other dogs?
> Do you have pets other than dogs?
> What is your living situation? Do you own your home? Do you rent?
> Do you have a fenced yard?
> Do you work outside of the home?
> How many people live in the home?
> Do you have children? What ages?
> What type of activities will you do with your Irish terrier? Will your dog travel, go hiking, etc. with you?
> Are you interested in showing, breeding, or competing with your Irish terrier?
> What type of training will you do with your Irish terrier?

How it Works

We cannot make any commitments regarding placing a puppy with you until after the puppies are born and evaluated. We will not know the sex or number of puppies until they are whelped and have survived for a few weeks. Puppies are ready to go to their new homes when they are between eight and twelve weeks old.

Our first priority in placing puppies is to owners who are interested in showing or competing in performance events. The remainder, if any, will be available as pets to appropriate homes. People with experience with Irish terriers or other terrier breeds will get priority for pets. Inexperienced owners will be evaluated carefully. Irish terriers are not a good breed for first-time dog owners.

The puppies are strictly quarantined for the first three weeks of their lives. When the puppies are old enough, we encourage you to visit us so we can evaluate how the puppies react to you and to evaluate how you might work out as potential puppy owners. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic will complicate matters in this regard. We have no way of knowing what kind of restrictions we will be working under when the puppies are ready to have visitors.

From the day they are born, our puppies are intensively trained to be good performance and companion dogs. Click Preparing Puppies for Performance to see how we raise our puppies.

When the puppies are eight to ten weeks old, we will evaluate them psychologically and physically for show and performance potential, and for suitability as pets in various home situations. We may take the puppies to visit local experts to help with the evaluation. We will assign the puppies to their new homes based on their evaluations and based on the prospective owners' preferences and situations. We do our best to match each puppy to a home where it will be happy and welcomed. In some cases we may have more than one puppy suited to a particular home, so the new owners may have a (limited) selection to choose from.

Our puppies will have their initial health checks and vaccinations completed by the time they set off to their new homes. The puppies are also microchipped with a pre-paid AKC Reunite account. We provide all health and evaluation records with the puppy.

We register all of our puppies with the AKC and choose their official registered names. You may use any "call name" for your puppy that you like.

We do not ship puppies and do not sell puppies to people who we have not met and evaluated.

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