AKC Bronze Grand Champion and CKC Grand Champion Red Branch d'Artagnan of the Ring was born on April 30, 2011. He was the seventh in a litter of four girls and four boys. Seven is a lucky number, and Dart has plenty of it! His life has taken him to British Columbia's beautiful Okanagan Valley, where he lives with his friends NV and Joy.
d'Art earned his CKC Championship on July 7, 2012. On October 7, 2012, he won the Puppy Sweepstakes and Best Bred-by-Exhibitor Irish Terrier at the Montgomery County National Specialty Show. To make a great year complete, d'Art finished 2012 as the top rated Irish terrier in Canada.
d'Art finished his American championship on April 13, 2013 and his American Grand Championship on April 12, 2014. d'Art was again ranked the top Irish terrier in Canada for 2014.
d'Art won Best of Breed at the 140th Westminster Kennel Club show on February 15, 2016.
He finished his Canadian Grand Championship on August 18, 2018.
We wish Joy and d'Art the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

Irish Terrier Baby d'Artagnan
Baby d'Artagnan, May 18, 2011.
Photo by Maderich

Irish Terrier d'Artagnan
The Last One Standing. June 1, 2011.

Irish Terrier d'Artagnan
d'Artagnan, September 2, 2011

Irish Terrier d'Artagnan, Lower Mainland Dog Fancier's Club of British Columbia, 2012
d'Artagnan introduces himself to the CKC.
Best Puppy in Show
Lower Mainland Dog Fancier's Club of British Columbia, Cloverdale, British Columbia
February 26, 2012
Ms. Michelle Scott, Judge

Irish Terrier d'Artagnan
Dart looking very comfortable in his new home, April 23, 2012.
Photo by Viel

Irish Terriers NV and d'Artagnan
NV and Dart
Photo by Viel

Irish Terrier d'Artagnan
Dart, February 2013
Photo by Viel

Irish Terrier d'Artagnan
d'Art visits his first home in California, April 14, 2013

Irish Terrier d'Artagnan
Good d'Art, June 2013
Photo by Viel

Irish Terrier Brace Competition
NV and d'Art in Brace Competition
Vernon and District Kennel Club, July 5, 2013

Irish Terrier d'Artagnan in Fremont, California
d'Art looking handsome in his California back yard.
May 5, 2014

Irish Terrier Show Photo
d'Art in the Group Ring
140th Westminster Kennel Club Show
Judge Geir Flyckt-Pedersen
Handled by Adam Bernardin
February 16, 2016

Red Branch d'Artagnan of the Ring
d'Art Still Has It! Now he is a Canadian Grand Champion.
Reserve Best in Show
Best Veteran in Show
West Kootenay Kennel Club
Castlegar, British Columbia
August 18, 2018

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