Ayfa's 2011 Litter

Champion Red Branch Ayfa Warrior and Champion Rockledge's Big Red One are proud to announce the arrival of the next generation of Red Branch Irish Terriers. Their litter of four girls and four boys was born on April 30, 2011. This page documents the puppies as they grew up.
You can find more photos of the puppies in their new homes on their individual pages.

Ayfa and Her Litter, May 2, 2011
Ayfa and Her Litter, May 2, 2011

Ayfa's Litter Finn McCool Bullet Whitney Daragan Tobih Alabama d'Artagnan Glimmer
Ayfa's Litter, May 5, 2011 - - - Click on the Puppies to Watch them Grow!

Irish Terrier Mother and Puppy
Bedtime Story, May 8, 2011

Irish Terrier Mother and Puppies
Dinnertime, May 9, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppies
Eyes are Starting to Open, May 13, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppies
Ears are Down, May 16, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppy
Learning to Walk, May 18, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppy
Walking, May 22, 2011

Irish Terrier Mother and Puppies
Ayfa's Milk Bar. Dinner for Eight, Standing Room Only. May 29, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppies Playing
And after dinner, a good wrestling match. May 29, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppy
Looking at the Big World. May 30, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppies
Nap Time, Sort of... June 1, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppies Finn McCool Tobih Glimmer Bullet Whitney Alabama Daragan Dart
Puppies Eat Four Meals a Day. June 2, 2011

Trimming Irish Terrier Puppy Nails
Lena Trims 128 Nails Each Week. June 3, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppies
The Puppies are Ready to Leave the Whelping Box. June 10, 2011

Irish Terrier Mother and Puppies
Ayfa Playing With her Puppies. June 20, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppy
Red Hard at Work. June 21, 2011

Irish Terrier Puppy
Little Pinkie. June 22, 2011

By the end of June 2011, many of the puppies have moved on to new homes.
"Little Pinkie" is now named Glimmer, and she lives in Houston Texas.
The puppy with the orange ribbon, and later the white collar, is now named Finn McCool. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.
The blue-ribboned puppy now lives in Oakland, California. His name is Bullet. He earned his AKC championship on April 12, 2012, and has an active following in the Irish Terrier facebook group.
The puppy with the green ribbon and collar is named Tobih, and he lives in Pacifica, California.
The yellow-ribboned puppy is named Whitney. She lives in Livermore, California.
The purple puppy is named Alabama and she lives in San Mateo, California.
The turquois-light green puppy is named d'Argagnan, or Dart for short. He now lives in a very nice home in British Columbia, with his friends NV and Joy. Dart has done very well competing in CKC and AKC shows. He earned his Canadian championship on July 7, 2012, and his American championship on April 13, 2013.
And the cute little Red puppy still live with us. Her name is Daragan, which means "Little Red One", after her father Big Red One. She is an active little girl with a big personality. Daragan earned her AKC championship on January 26, 2013.

Irish Terrier Puppy
Daragan Being Cute. March 19, 2012

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