Champion Red Branch Ayfa Warrior was born on September 7, 2007. Her dam is Ch. Mullagboy Mocha on the Money and sire is Ch. Bantry Bay Absolutely Seamus. Ayfa is named after a warrior woman in the Ulster Cycle. The name (also spelled Aoife or Ayfe) is derived from an Irish word meaning beauty or pleasure. Ayfa has an energetic, mischievious and friendly personality, and is perhaps the smartest of our Irish Terrier clan. She has proven to be an excellent mother, whelping a total of twelve beautiful puppies in two litters. In her spare time she has earned a CA title. She loves to travel and is a loving companion at home.

Irish Terrier Ayfa Running
Little Flying Ayfa, November 8, 2007

Irish Terrier Ayfa
Ayfa, December 2008

Irish Terrier Ayfa
Ayfa, December 2008

Irish Terrier Ayfa
Ayfa, July 2009

Irish Terrier Ayfa, Eukanuba National Championship
Ayfa, Eukanuba National Championship, Long Beach, California. December 5, 2010

Our beloved Ayfa died on December 4, 2016. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May and was expected to live only a few weeks. Ayfa was a real warrior and fought that old crab cancer for another seven months. She never complained about anything, but lived every day as fully as she could.

Ayfa blessed us with litters in 2011 and 2013. In all, she gave us twelve beautiful puppies, including AKC Bronze Grand Champion and CKC Champion Red Branch d'Artagnan of the Ring, Grand Champion Red Branch Summer Dream ("Titania"), and Champions Red Branch Daragan O'Rockledge, Bullet Dodger, Autumn Spice ("Ginger"), and Winter Warrior of Bantry Bay ("Ozzie"). She was a very dedicated and loving mother. Irish Terrier Ayfa Warrior and Puppy
Ayfa and Ginger, June 2, 2013

Ayfa was an avid lure coursing enthusiast and one of the smartest Irish terriers in our clan. She loved to play with her children and grandchildren and enjoyed travelling to see new places and new faces. She was a loving and happy companion at home. Irish Terrier Ayfa Warrior
Ayfa, May 12, 2016
Long May She Run

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